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Aleiraluna is closed for orders.

To get your hands on a Aleiraluna design please read below.

I will only take 2 custom orders per month, so if there's more than 3 request I will set you up on a waiting list. I will charge a nonrefundable fee for the design work before you're added to the list, but of course after you've confirmed the terms. And this fee is for time saving "safety" purposes and to make sure you're serious about your request. My time sketching and designing for you will take time, and if you would by any reason decide to drop off from the list in the last second, I will lose that time that I could've used for another customer. So please keep that in mind.
I'll start working on request when the current order queue is completed, but I'm open to add you to the list now if that would be of interest. Just email me at info@aleiraluna.com
I will add to the list in the order the requests are coming in.


Thank you guys for all the love! You are the best supporters & customers ever <3
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